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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 2, Issue 3, 2005, Pages 62-66


E. Ya. Grechanina, Ju. B. Grechanina, I. V. Novikova, A. V. Hristich, T. M. Tkachova


Kharkiv Specialized Medical-Genetic Centre, Department of Medical Genetics of Kharkiv State Medical University, Ukraine

Article title

Computer diagnostic systems in practice of genetic consultation

Abstract (resume)

In article "Computer diagnostic systems in practice of genetic consultation" are submitted results of use of modern computer technologies in genetic practice. It is specified, that their application raises accuracy of revealing of a chromosomal pathology in cytogenetics, allows revealing pathological metabolites with using of modern biochemical method of diagnostics — high performance liquid chromatography.


cytogenetic, chromosomal complement, kariotype, chromatographic methods, high performance liquid chromatography


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