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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 8, Issue 9, 2012, Pages 80-88


A. I. Grigoriev, O. I. Orlov, R. M. Baevsky


Institute of biomedical problems Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Article title

The role of academican V. V. Parin in development of space telemedical technologies

Abstract (resume)

The article is devoted to a role of the oustanding Soviet physiologist academician Vasily Vasiljevich Parin in development of space telemedical technologies. This new scientific — practical direction which has arisen in the beginning of second half of the last century is closely connected to successes of the space medicine which have provided the first human flights in space. Academician V. V. Parin stood at sources of all these important events. Work in the field of space medicine and physiology was for V. V. Parin a natural continuation of his creative way as the large domestic scientist known for the researches in the field of physiology of blood circulation. V. V. Parin was the founder of space cardiology — one of leading directions of modern space medicine. Being one of leaders of space medicine and physiology Vasily Vasiljevich, first of all, has paid attention to its technical equipment, on problems of reception of the medical and biologic information onboard space objects, data transmission to the Earth and the further analysis of this information. The first section of the article is devoted V. V. Parin's role in development of means of informatical and technical maintenance of the first human space flights. He was the curator and the participant of all projects of creation of radio-electronic devices for space medicine. The big attention was given to development of methods of medical and physiological information analysis, application of mathematical methods, computer facilities and cybernetics. Problems of cybernetics deeply interested for V. V. Parin have been closely connected to development of new methodical approaches, in particular with development of the mathematical analysis of the heart rhythm which for the first time used in space medicine and then has received wide application in physiology and clinical practice. The system of the medical control over the first human flights was created at V. V. Parina's direct participation. Under his management there was a development of space biotelemetry which investigates and develops ways of transfer of medical and biologic spacecrafts translated from a board and satellites. In the second section of the article the modern condition of space information technology and a telemedicine is considered. It is shown, that though modern information technologies have left far forward, but the general principles of gathering and the analysis of the information received during human space flights, actually have not changed. The next years the great value was given to use of space technologies in practice of public health services. Connection of space and terrestrial problems in the field of computer science is closely connected to Vasily Vasiljevich Parin's name. He always aspired that in use of new information technologies the terrestrial medicine did not lag behind from space, and the space medicine transferred all achievements terrestrial. In the article examples of creation of new medical technologies are resulted on the basis of the techniques for the first time used in space. In development of modern technologies of space medicine influence of ideas of V. V. Parin also is shown. Evident examples can serve the ballistocardioraphic researches in space. In the conclusion the destiny of the scientific ideas stated in works to V. V. Parin is emphasized, that, is ambiguous. One of them, have received development at a life of the scientist, others were actively developed at the end of 70, the beginning of 80th years, and a number of positions starts to be developed only today. So, at the modern stage, in the beginning of the second millenium when on the agenda there was a preparation of the first human flights to Mars, has come it is time to address to Vasily Vasiljevich's ideas about creation of onboard computers of medical purpose. V. V. Parina's creative heritage was and is a source of ideas to which development again and again experts on space medicine come back.


telemedical technologies, space flights, space medicine, academician V. V. Parin, onboard computers


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