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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 10, Issue 11, 2014, Pages 112–115


O. P. Pakholchuk


Zaporizhja State Medical University, Ukraine

Article title

Methodical features of information and communication technologies use in medical student knowledge formation

Abstract (resume)

Purpose. Shift to the "open system" of the education require application of the new technologies, informatization of the education. That will allow to optimize study process, to increase education effectiveness, to solve partially problems that exist.

Aim of the study. To indicate and study pedagogical approaches of the information and communication technologies (ICT), to improve methodology of their implementation, to propose didactical approaches.

Methods. Theoretical analysis and review of the psychological, pedagogical literature, legislative and methodical literature, thesis, survey, self-certification, expert assessment.

Results. For the aim realization conditions and ways of the variety of the education of the medical students were indicated taking into account information technologies. Further perspectives of the ICT introduction into educational process indicated.


Information and communication technologies, Information and communication environment, Open system of education, Multimedia technologies


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