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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 11, Issue 12, 2015, Pages 69–72


N. N. Veligotsky, A. V. Gorbulich, N. N. Skaliy, S. A. Pavlichenko


Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine

Article title

Using a system of the bile ducts pressure monitoring for the diagnosis of biliary obstruction

Abstract (resume)

Introduction. In order to control biliary obstruction it was used different research methods (ultrasound, spiral CT, MRI, ERCP). All of them can give inaccurate information. Diagnosis of functional disorders of patency associated with a dysfunction of the sphincter of Oddi is particular difficulty.

Purpose. The development of quantitative monitoring methods in the diagnosis of biliary obstruction.

Materials and methods. To study the terrain it was developed technique of pressure monitoring in the bile ducts system with data transmission over the wireless link to the processing of data on the device with the operating system Android, which allows patient mobility.

Results. Application of techniques allowed to diagnose patency whuch is not installed by other methods, that suggests the possibility of its use for clinical diagnosis.


Pressure monitoring, Biliary obstruction


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