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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 12, Issue 13, 2017, Pages 119–123


O. Strakhova1, А. Ryzhov1, N. Volokh2, O. Cherepok2


Zaporizhja State Medical University 1Chair of Medical and Pharmaceutical Informatics, 2Chair of Physical Rehabilitation, Sport Medicine, Physical Education and Health

Article title

Correlation between electrocutaneous characteristics of skin microzones and blood clinical and biochemical analysis parameters.

Abstract (resume)

Introduction. According to the theory of functional systems, all parts of the body are in close multi-level communication, mutually affecting each other. Skin is the largest external organ to which non-invasive methods of determining the parameters of a functional state can be applied.

Goal. To determine the degree of connection between the parameters of the clinical analysis of human blood and its electrocutaneous characteristics of some skin areas located on the wrists and ankles in the so-called acupuncture "source points".

Results. Correlations between the parameters of microzones and the indices of the functional state of the human body, determined on the basis of a blood test, are revealed.

Conclusions. The presence of a statistically significant correlation between certain blood parameters of the study participants, anthropometric indices and electrical conductivity of cutaneous microzones, corresponding to the so-called "source points" known from the theory of acupuncture, was established.


electrocutaneous characteristics, blood analysis, anthropometry, correlation, functional state.


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