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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 13, Issue 14, 2018, Pages 69–73


А. B. Buzinovsky, D. M. Bayazitov, А. В. Lyashenko, D. V. Novikov, Т. L. Godlevska


Odessa National Medical University, Ukraine

Article title

Characteristics of laparoscopic images as a basis for postoperative period risks estimation

Abstract (resume)

Introduction. Pelvis pain in women is in charge for 25% of advertisements for medical help and for more than 40% of all diagnostic laparoscopic investigations.

Formulation of the problem. Methodology. Two types of inflammation have been identified on the basis of algorithms on videolaparoscopic color, texture and contour estimation — local and pronounced ones. Local process was diagnosed in case of superficial solitary foci diameter up to 2, 0 cm while pronounced one was characterized by multiple joined and bilateral foci with their size exceeded 2, 0 cm. Odds ratio values were calculated with the purpose of estimation of risks of staying at hospital more than four days after women with inflammation, endometriosis and tumor-like processes in tubo-ovarial zone have been operated on.

The object of the study. The effectiveness of prognosis of staying patients at hospital during postoperative period which was based on the proposed videolaparoscopic criteria of the pronouncement of inflammation was investigated.

Study results. Odds ratio in women who had positive index (laparoscopy verified severe inflammation) was 18, 804 ± 0, 496, while in women with endometriosis the odds ratio was 14, 824 ± 0, 290, and in case of tumors of tuboovarial zone — 9, 969 ± 0, 442.

Conclusions. The criteria of pelvic inflammation pronouncement determined on the basis of videolaparoscopic data satisfactorily forecasted the length of women staying at hospital in postoperative period.


Laparoscopy, System of support of surgeon decision, Risks of surgical complications precipitation


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