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Content and Abstracts vol.1 iss.2 2004



Computer Medicine‘2005 Scientific-practical Conference "Electronic Healthcare (eHealth)", June 23–25, 2005, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Computer Medicine'2004 Report on Scientific-practical Conference "Clinical Informatics and Telemedicine"

Original Articles

Health Information Systems
J. Mantas (Greece)
Future trends in Health Informatics European Union initiatives
V. V. Domarev
Protection of the information in medical information systems: medical secret and modern information technologists
A. P. Yakovlev, S.Yy. Kolganov, M. I. Burmistrova - Oryol Regional Clinical Hospital (ОRCH)
Automated hospital information system (AHIS)
V. M. Buyalskyy, V. M Danilov
Models and tools for designing of Medical Informational-Analytical System (MIAS) of Object Shelter Rehabilitation Center

Information technologies in EEG/EP
Dr. Jochen Schwind (Germany)
New paths in routine EEG diagnostics
O. Yu. Mayorov
Computer EEG — past, present, future. Part 1. A history of qEEG development, the review of special methods of research
Marc R. Nuwer, et al.
IFCN standards for digital recording of clinical EEG
V. V. Gnezditsky, E. E. Henriks, V. V. Kilikovsky, O. S. Korepina
The decision rule for the estimation of the vegetative paroxysm by skin somatic response data

Heart rate variability (HRV)
T. F. Mironova, V. A. Mironov, Y. S. Shamurov, I. M. Utochkina, A.V. Kalmykova, V. L. Kodkin, A. N. Tarasov, E.V. Davydova, M. V. Mironov, A. M. Dubel
Clinical analysis of heart rate variability and its apparatus-program equipment
K. P. Vorobyev
Monitoring of heart rate variability as reference method of an estimation of a functional state of an organism during hyperbaric oxygenation
N. I. Tsirelnikov, D. A. Evseenco
Adaptive and pathological changes of the fetal-placental complex during intrauterine hypoxia after pregnancy complicated by obstetric and somatic deseases

The computer analysis of electrocardiograms
V. I. Shulgin, A. V. Pechenin, V. V. Fedotenko, K. V. Nasedkin, I. V. Lahno
Blind source separation technology application to fetal electrocardiogram extraction

The analysis of images
A. S. Barilo, S. V. Pavlov
Optic-electronic methods of the analysis microcirculation of infringements at inflammation processes in jaw-facial region
V. V. Kretov, J. G. Ukraintsev
Information technologies of beam diagnostics on the basis of scanning system of reception of images

Information technologies in clinical practice
L. Ya. Kovalchuk, V. P. Marzeniuk
Development of system analysis methods of pathologic processes for evidence-based medicine

N. N. Ermoshkin, Internet Business Solution Group Cisco Systems Cisco
Delivering the Promise. The role of integrated technology solutions in healthcare reform
Bekir Karlik и Yousif Al-Bastaki
Bad breathe diagnosis system using OMX-GR sensor and Neural Network for telemedicine
A. V. Vladzymyrskyy, V. G. Klymovytskyy
Main stages and results of teleconsultation in clinical practice

Information technologies in medical education
M. P. Burykh, G. V. Goryainova, S. P. Shklar, P. O. Luchshev, R. S. Voroschuk
Truly topographic approach in clinical anatomy
V. Moroz, J. Khayimzon, E. Bondarchuck
The system of computer modeling of vital functions processes of bodies and systems of the human being's organism

The legislation

Laws of Ukraine About protection of an information in automated systems
Regulations About the chief informatician of Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine
Regulations About the chief regional informatician of Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine


Boris A. Kobrinsky 60 anniversary
Rolf Engebrecht 60 anniversary

The Memory

In memory about Anatoly B. Glukhov

Scientific Societies of Medical Informatics

The Ukrainian Association "Computer Medicine " (UACM) — 2004
International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)

Medical Informatics, Events, Conferences

MIE–Special Topic Conference 2005 "Health and Medical Informatics Applications – Educational Aspects" of the European Federation for Medical Informatics in 2005, Athens, Greece
European Congress MIE–2005, Geneva
Calendar of Conferences, Congresses on 2005–2006

New books

New books on medical informatics, statistics and epidemiology, computer methods of diagnostics
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