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Content and Abstracts vol.2 iss.3 2005



Annual International Conference Computer Medicine‘2005 "Electronic Health (eHealth)", June 23–25, 2005,Kharkiv, Ukraine. Report

Original Articles

Health information systems
Microsoft Corporation (USA)
Your health — our care. Improvement of healthcarewith the help of the newest information technologies.A part 1
A. V. Terentieva
Automated system for supporting of medical equipment actual condition of disaster medicine medicical formations

Information technologies in clinical neurophysiology

Quantitative EEG/EP (qEEG/qEP)
Marc R. Nuwer (Chairman) (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Dietrich Lehmann (Zurich, Switzerland), Fernando Lopes da Silva(Amsterdam, Netherlands), Shigeaki Matsuoka (Kitakyushu, Japan), William Sutherling (Los Angeles, CA, USA) and Jean-Fransois Vibert (Paris, France)
IFCN Recommendations. IFCN guidelines for topographic and frequency analysis of EEGs and EPs
O. Yu. Mayorov, V. N. Fenchenko
Application of Karunen-Loev expansion for the analysis spatially — temporal EEG structures of the healthyand the sick brain

Heart rate variability (HRV)
A. V. Frolov
Heart rate variability and stability are the most important characteristics of the cardiovascular system
P. A. Garkaviy, M. I. Yabluchansky, A. V. Martynenko
Sexual peculiarities of heart rate variability indices reaction in healthy volunteers during the transition processes

Processing of biomedical signals (EEG/ECG)
V. I. Shulgin, A. V. Morozov, E. V. Volosyuk
Blind source separation technology applicationto biomedical signal processing

Images analysis
A. M. Akhmetshin, L. G. Akhmetshina
Low contrast radiological image segmentationby means of space-resonance imaging method

Information technologies in clinical practice

Analysis of the medical and biologic information
L. Ya. Vasilyev, E. B. Radzishevska, Y. E. Vikman, O.M. Gladkova,V. Z. Gertman
Usage of modern technologies for analysis of catamnesis data in patients ith breast cancer
E. Ya. Grechanina, Ju. B. Grechanina, I. V. Novikova,A. V. Hristich, T. M. Tkachova
Computer diagnostic systems in practice of genetic consultation

Example of spreadsheets application in the family doctor practice
V. Z. Sviridiuk, U. J. Guminsky, A. V. Olynitshenko,S. V. Stepanova, V. J. Shatylo
Using of modern computer technologies, anthropometry and organometry in practice of the family doctor


Telemedical technologies in healthcare management
B. A. Kobrinskiy
Information technologies for monitoring of population health condition

ІнInformation technologies in medical education
O. P. Mintser
Information problems in the medical education
Izet Masic, Ahmed Novo, Zlatan Masic
Learning from the distance in medical education at university of Sarajevo

Medical informatics.

Debatable club
B. Yu. Dobrin
Consciousness and memory from medical informatics point of view, genesisof the "paranormal phenomena"

The legislation

The Concept of the state Program of Healthcare informationfor 2006–2010


Ozar Mintser — 65 anniversary
Lev Raskin — 70 anniversary

Scientific Societies of Medical Informatics

The Ukrainian Association "Computer Medicine" (UACM) – 2005
European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI)

Medical Informatics, Events, Conferences

World Congress Medinfo-2007, Australia
Calendar of Conferences, Congresses on 2005–2006

New books

New books on medical informatics, statistics and epidemiology, diagnostics computer methods


Annual International Conference Computer Medicine‘2005 "Electronic Health (eHealth)" A part 1