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Content and Abstracts vol.12 iss.13 2017

Original Articles

IT in Healthcare management

IT for statistical analysis of scientific publications, bibliography
Revуаtskуу I.Y., Prylypko N.A.
Тhe analysis of potential use of electronic on-line catalogues of scientific libraries of Ukraine as a sourge of statistical information about scientific research in medicine

IT for planning the volume of biomedical research
Nessonova M.N., Lytvynenko Y.Y.
Calculation Procedures for Sample Size Determination for Planned Studies, And Their Program Implementation

IT in psychophysiology
Kalnysh V.V.
Principles of the functioning of the human organization organism in work with high danger

IT in cardiology

Angiographic studies
Tseluyko V.Y., Lozova T.A.
The features of the coronary blood flow in the right ventricle myocardial infarction

Patient risk-stratification models on the basis of fuzzy logic
Frolov A.V., Martsennyuk M.A., Vaikhanskaya T.G., Poljakov V.B.
Fuzzy logic in prediction of adverse scenarios of the cardiac diseases

Mathematical model of individual forecasting mortality
Voronkov L.H., Filatova O.L., Babych P.N., Lyashenko A.V., Tkach N.A., Parashenuk L.P.
Prediction of survival in men and women with chronic heart failure and reduced left ventricular ejection fraction for three years

Heart Rate Variability. Factor analysis.
Mayorov O.Yu.
Searching for methods for quantitative assessment of individual resistance to emotional stress in the norm and in pathology based on the analysis of heart rate variability. Factor model.

Sources of error in the D. Celermajer method
Bataeva Yu., Kirichenko V., Kulbashevsky V., Sergeev V.
The D.Celermajer method and its possibilities in endothelial function assessing

The stepwise discriminant analysis of hemodynamic parameters
Derienko T.A., Volkov D.E., Lopyn D.A., Yabluchansky N.I.
Prognostically important hemodynamic indicators of effectiveness of medical therapy in patients with cardiac pacing and arterial hypertension

IT in obstetrics and cardiology

Methods and techniques for estimating parameters and biological data
Nasedkin K.V., Fedotenko V.V., Viunytskyi O.G., Shulgin V.I.
Ambulatory fetal ECG monitoring

IT in pulmonology
Shapov P.F., Gorbulichy A.V., Tomashevsky R.S., Zaikin Yu.A.
Use of parameters of unsteadiness of signals of pulmonary auscultation for detection and localization of pulmonary pathology.

IT in Roentgenology

Visualization of medical images
Sokolov V. M., Sitnikova O. S., Rozhkovskaya G. M., Dorofeyeva T. K., Tsvygovskiy V. M., Lyubchak M. O., Onishchenko L. V.
Diffusion-weighted images and PET/CT in the diagnosis of cancer pathology of the abdominal cavity


Mobile medicine
Tkachenko A., Tkachenko Р., Вооn V.
Using of mobile applications in the pharmacological correction of rheumatoid arthritis.

Data protection
Penkin Yu.M., Kucherenko V.G, Litvinov A.G, Khara G.I
Hardware and software tools application for information protection in telemedicine.

IT in laboratory diagnostics
Strakhova O., Ryzhov А., Volokh N., Cherepok O.
Correlation between electrocutaneous characteristics of skin microzones and blood clinical and biochemical analysis parameters.

Discussion Club

Information Security
Panchenko O.A.
Turbulence in information security of a person.