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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 1, Issue 1, 2004, Pages 1-12


Oleg Yu. Mayorov1,3, Leonid B. Belov2, Sergei A. Negensky2


1"Institute of Medical Informatics and Telemedicine (Institute MIT)", Kharkiv, Ukraine

2Conus® — Medik Company, Kursk, Russian Federation

3Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine

Article title

Health information systems (Hospital information systems (HIS)) — appreciate the mode or necessity (technical and economical basis of introduction the program complex (PC) "C-Hospital ®")

Abstract (resume)

The history, evolution and modern tendencies of development hospital information systems (HIS) in the world and on postsoviet space are represented. Technical and economical basis of implementation introduction HIS at a stage of healthcare reforming is conducted. Main criteria of designing, creation and introduction of HIS are circumscribed, realization of concept creation HIS for domestic healthcare according to international standards on example of program complex "C-Hospital® ". Concept, technical and functional characteristics, structure of subsystems "Polyclinic" and "Hospital" of the program complex (PC) "C-Hospital®" are considered. Characteristic of working modul client server architecture, tools for development and modification of PC "C-Hospital®" is given.


hospital information systems (HIS), health information systems, program complex HIS "C-Hospital®", "Cache" technology of databases handle


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