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Content and Abstracts vol.15 iss.16 2020

Original Articles

IT for radiology

Visualization of medical images
V. N. Sokolov, L. V. Anischenko, A. S. Byanov, O. V. Nikitina
Community acquired pneumonia. Differential diagnosis. COVID-19

IT in mammography
Y. E. Liakh, V. G. Hurianov, V. O. Biloshenko, M. V. Liakh, V. O. Melnichuk
Neural network analysis of mammary gland thermograms using the estimate of fractal dimension in field temperature distribution

IT in telemedicine and telerehabilitation

A. V. Palagin, T.V. Semikopnaya, I. A. Chaikovsky, O. V. Sivak
Telerehabilitation: information and technological support, experience of application
L. S. Feinsilberg
Intelligent digital medicine for home using

IT in pediatrics
Zh. V. Sotnikova-Meleshkina, O. V. Martynenko
Method of validizing the methodology for assessing the quality of life, which is tied to the health of schoolchildren

IT for cardiology

Nonlinear analysis

Heart rate variability
A. Martynenko
Robust correlation dimension estimator for heart rate variability

IT in functional diagnostics

Minimizing the error in assessing endothelium function

Debating club
V. A. Kirichenko, T. V. Kulbashevskaya, A. V. Pechenin, V. G. Sergeev
Evaluation of changes in the parameters of the vascular system in a reactive hyperemia test using rheographic data

IT in oncology
M. V. Krasnoselsky, T. M. Popovskaya, L.G. Raskin
Assessment of information value of metabolic indicators in patients with colorectal cancer

IT for otolaryngology
N. O. Shushliapina, A. V. Lupyr, O. O. Taranukha, O. E. Cherniakova
Clinical significance of bulbar conjunctive vessel biomicroscopy in patients with pathology of intranisal structures and nasal breathing disoders

IT in psychophysiology

Heart rate variability (HRV)
V. V. Kalnish
Bioinformational significance of the past–present–future for integral assessment of the functional state of the human organism

IT in psychiatry

IT in clinical neurophysiology

Informative "markers" of depression
O. Yu. Mayorov, E. A. Mikhailova, A. B. Prognimak, T. D. Nessonova
Factor models of the Kolmogorov–Sinai entropy indicators of EEG in adolescents with depression

IT in public administration

Debating club
O. A. Panchenko, V. G. Antonov
Factors of information security of social development in public administration

IT in forensic pharmaceutical analysis
V. V. Shapovalov, A. A. Gudzenko, V. A. Shapovalova, V. V. Shapovalov
Forensic and pharmaceutical analysis of addictive morbidity because of the use of psychoactive substances in Ukraine

O. A. Ryzhov, N. A. Ivankova, O. I. Androsov
Model of functional system of adaptive control of student learning process in e-learning systems

IT for health monitoring
N. I. Necheporenko, T. V. Peresypkina, T. P. Sidorenko
Use of innovative computer technologies in providing health monitoring of children and adolescents of school age


Yu. V. Zaderyaka, A. D. Parkhomova
Introduction of the electronic healthcare system in Ukraine