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Content and Abstracts vol.16 iss.17 2021

Original Articles

IT in telemedicine

Remote monitoring of patients with IT technology
A. I. Petrenko
Medical diagnosis of health at home as a service

IT in Healthcare management
Ariana-Anamaria Cordos, Tudor Calinici, Sorana D. Bolboaca’
Doctors’ access and dissemination of medical information throughsocial media

IT in Neurology and Psychiatry
A. G. Chernenko1, O. Yu. Mayorov1, 2, T. D. Nessonova1, A. B. Prognimak1
The study of the functional state of the brain in patients with episodic migraine according to spectral analysis of the EEG

IT in Psychophysiology
V. V. Kalnysh
The effects of transformation of the states of the organismto the «past» and «future», reflected in the change in the parametersof the heart rate

Heart Rate Variability

IT in Nephrology
G.Raimondi1, P. Mobilia1, L. Barsi1, A. Martynenko2
Fuzzy logic approach for analysis of the heart rate variability of dialyzed patients

Heart Rate Variability

IT in Functional diagnostics and Combustiology
A. V. Savchuk, N. G. Ivanushkina
Analysis of electrocardiograms in combstiology using a registration system based on capacitive electrodes

Heart Rate Variability

Minimization of endothelial function assessment error. Debating society
V. A. Kirichenko, T. V. Kulbashevskaya, A. V. Pechenin, V. G. Sergeev
Evaluation of endothelial function with increased patient pressure and drug exposure.

IT in X-ray Radiology

Visualization of medical images
V. N. Sokolov, G. M. Rozhkovskaya
Lympho proliferative disease presentation in SCT

IT in Otolaryngology

N. O. Shushlyapina, N. I. Gorgol, Ibragim Yunuss Abdelkhamid, Ya. V. Nosova
Features of rhinocytograms in patients with respiratory and olfactory disorders


New approaches to the treatment of chronic inflammation
O. M. Klimova1, 2, A. M. Korobov2, K. O. Bychenko1, 2, T. I. Kordon11, G. S. Lobynceva2
Influence of different wave lengths photoirradiation on the stages of inflammation and stimulation of stem cells proliferation by exosomes in experiment

IT in Pediatrics

Zh. V. Sotnikova-Meleshkina, O. V. Martynenko
Fuzzy logic for assessing and predicting the level of physical development of schoolchildren

IT technologies in Pharmacy

IT for logistic support medical propertyIT for logistic support medical property
M. V. Bilous1, O. A. Ryzhov2
Methodological approach for optimization of flow processes in the logistic network of medical supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of the Joint Forces operation