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  1. Clinical informatics
    1. Hospital information systems (HIS)
    2. Computer technologies in functional diagnostics
    3. Medical signals, fields, images processing
    4. Creation of medical databases of medical establishments
    5. Expert and intelligent medical diagnostic systems
    6. Normative-legal base of healthcare informatization
    7. Standardization of medical information technologies
    8. Certification of medical software
    9. Protection of medical information in Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
    10. Medical smart cards
    11. Nursing informatics
    12. Information technologies in farmacy and clincal pharmacology
    13. Ethics in medical informatics
    14. Glossary of medical informatics terms.
  2. Telemedicine
    1. Telemedical technologies, telecommunication networks, equipment
    2. Partial telemedicine (Telemedical cardiology, neuro-diagnostics, medical radiology}
    3. Legal problems of telemedicine
    4. Standardization in telemedicine
    5. Licensing of telemedical services
    6. Remote training (tutoring)
    7. European telemedicine
    8. Telemedicine of the countries of the world
    9. Glossary of terms on telemedicine
  3. Information technologies in healthcare management
    1. Medical informational analytical systems (MIAS)
    2. Medical geographical informational analytical systems (МGIAS)
    3. Legislation in medical iinformatics
    4. Normative - legal base in Ukraine for medical iinformatics
    5. Creation of regional and branch medical databases and registers.
    6. Information technologies for medical statistics.
  4. Information technologies in medical education
  5. Scientific publications


  1. Glossary of terms on common and medical informatics
  2. Events, conferences on medical informatics
  3. Medical information resources in the Internet
  4. New computer technologies
  5. New medical computer equipment
  6. New computer equipment
  7. New general-purpose software
  8. Bulletin board about vacancies