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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 6, Issue 7, 2010, Pages 98-104


E. A. Yumatov


I. M. Sechenov First Moscow Medical University, Russia

Article title

Information-field effects of registration of a subjective state of the person's brain

Abstract (resume)

According to our concept subjective processes could be measured only by scientific methods of subjective analysis, which should be specially elaborated.

The goals of investigations are the following:

— the search of method for objective evaluation of the inner subjective state of a person,

— to determine the possibility of registration of "subjective" by objective methods.

To get reliable results we have developed a special construction — an indicator the readings of which do not depend on the position of indicator in the hands of an examinee person.

While testing emotional and cognitive state the movement of the indicator pointers in the hands of the examinee the person in direction to the head of the other person — subject was registered.

It was stated that under emotional and cognitive state of the examinee the indicator pointers cross above the head of the subject person. A reliable change — the movement of indicator pointers — the crossing under strong emotional and cognitive condition of the examinee was shown.

Mechanic movement of indicator pointers under emotional and cognitive condition could be explained only by the existence of a distant impact of a psychogenic field of a human brain. It was shown that subjective state could be objectively tested.


subjective condition, emotions, thought, brain, registration methods


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