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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 1, Issue 2, 2004, Pages 158-163


V. M. Buyalskyy, V. M. Danilov


Cherobyl NPP, Ukraine

Article title

Models and tools for designing of Medical Informational-Analytical System (MIAS) of Object Shelter Rehabilitation Center

Abstract (resume)

Efficient operation of complex automated diagnostic equipment of Object Shelter (SO) Rehabilitation Center requires establishment of Medical Informational-Analytical System (MIAS), which will allow (based on monitoring data processing) solution of issues related to informational support of professional personnel selection in view of OS work execution, control of personnel health, support of professional suitability, etc.

Up-to-date practical method of forming the ensemble of models for MIAS system designing is to be suggested. The method is based on the concept of high-level architectural design of automated (informational) systems. The ensemble of models is established on the basis of main set, which corresponds to procedure-oriented, object-oriented, and information-oriented methods of system designing. Each method supplements and supports the others, therefore the ensemble ensures the most complete representation of hyperspace, repertoire, and procedures of designing.

To create the model of any applied graphic notation, software of Computer Associates International Inc. company will be used, which ensures equation of all design procedures and integration of knowledge about future system all over the technological chain of designing. Use of the method during development, support, and progress of OS Rehabilitation

Center MIAS is assumed during international SIP program realization at Chernobyl NPP.


ensemble of models, method of MIAS designing


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