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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 1, Issue 2, 2004, Pages 213-216


Alexander Barilo1, Sergey Pavlov2


1Vinnitsa National Medical University, Ukraine

2Vinnitsa National Technical University, Ukraine

Article title

Opticcelectronic methods of the analysis microcirculation of infringements at inflammation processes in jaw-facial region

Abstract (resume)

In paper the using of photopletismograf method at the analysis of inflammation processes are considered.

The purpose of work is to show efficiency of photopletismograf method using at the analysis of a level of microcirculation periferic of vessels at inflammation processes.

As a result of researches, which were carried out on the basis of faculty of Jaw-Facial Surgery of Vinnitsa National Medical University was examined 30 (21 men and 9 women in the age of from 20 till 60 years) patients with odontogen abscess and phlegmons. The treatment of the patients included removal causal tooth, opening phlegmons or abscess, ozonetherapy with inclusion of ions of silver.

The application of the given method in stomatology allows: precisely to define efficiency of spent treatment, to specify duration reablement of the period, to reveal every possible vessel of infringement at crises jaw, to estimate efficiency local anesthesia to apply the given method to plastic surgery and transplantology.


photopletismogram, opticelectronic sensor control, jaw-facial region


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