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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 6, Issue 7, 2010, Pages 105-112


V. V. Kalnysh


SI "Institute for Occupational Health of NAMS of Ukraine", Kiev

Article title

Contents-modelling of the process of man and technique co-evolution

Abstract (resume)

Problems of transformation of human possibilities and technique by means of formation of mechanisms of mutual coordination of parameters of their evolution through modification of parts of the metasystem concerned, which can lead to manifestation of new properties of its components, are considered in the paper. Such transformations can significantly affect man-machine interrelation directly at workplace. It is underlined that an operator's activity at present is defined not only by what was in the past, but is being organized with account of the future. The mentioned effect significantly influences the work ability and reliability of the operator's work and its registration, in organization of the work process, in particular, and can result in their significant increase.


systemic analysis, co-evolution, man, technique, machine, work ability, reliability, contents-modelling


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