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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 7, Issue 8, 2011, Pages 50-57


O. I. Orlov1, R. M. Baevsky1, V. I. Pougatchev2, A. P. Berseneva1, A. R. Baevskysup>3, A. G Сhenikova1, T. A. Zenchenko1


1State scientific center – Institute of biomedical problems RAS, Moscow, Russia

2Biocom Technologies, Poulsbo, USA

3Autosun Нealth Technology Inc., Toronto, Canada

Article title

Telemedical aspects in assessing the risk of desease in healthy people. Preliminary results of longitude medical environmental investigations

Abstract (resume)

This paper presents the results of 520-days medical and environmental investigations conducted in parallel with the experiment "Mars-500" – the simulated flight to Mars. The study was attended by 130 subjects. 12 experimental groups were in 12 different regions (Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Europe, North America). The same for all groups, experimental protocol consisted of ECG recording, techniques for central and peripheral circulation study, heart rate variability analysis and ECG dispersion mapping. Anthropometric data and lifestyle and health questionnaire were used too. The studies were conducted monthly, functional tests with physical, mental and orthostatic loads carried every 3 months (quarterly). Information from all regions was transmitted to the analytical center in Moscow by email. The study in U.S. and Canada was conducted using Heart Wizard instrument (Biocom Technologies) which provides individual prenosological health assessment, data collection and analysis via Internet. Principles of prenosological diagnostics with assessing the risk of desease on the base of probabilistic estimations of different functional states were used in analyzing the results. Preliminary results demonstrated that the monthly and seasonal dynamics of functional states in healthy people to a large extent depends on the specific environmental conditions.


telemedicine, ecology, prenosology, adaptation, space medicine


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