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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 11, Issue 12, 2015, Pages 73–79


I. D. Duzhyi1, V. V. Gorokh2, O. V. Trubilko3, S. V. Kharchenko1


1Medical Institute, Sumy State University, Ukraine 2Sumy Regional Clinical Hospital, Ukraine 3Faculty of Radiotechnical Aircraft Systems (N 5), National Aerospace University — Kharkiv Aviation Institute named after M. Ye. Zhukovsky, Ukraine

Article title

Software for medical information system for audit and analysis of patients with gastrointestinal bleedings

Abstract (resume)

Introduction. The gastrointestinal bleeding remains still a remarkable interdisciplinary problem. A population-based and cohort research of this pathology can be realized under a qualitative collecting, stocking and processing of data.

Purpose. To develop/implement a hospital-based medical information system for outcome research of patients with gastrointestinal bleedings.

Study Methodology and Results. During development of the system we constructed a local medical information system for audit and analysis of patients with gastrointestinal bleedings using principles of depersonification data collection and a relational database Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0. According to its functions the outcome reporting is possible by simple lists with bleeding descriptions or by a calculation of surgical activity (mortality and hospital day rates).

Conclusion. The presented medical information system is oriented towards a data analysis for gastrointestinal bleedings in a single-center research and implementation in a specialized medical center.


Gastrointestinal bleeding, Medical information system, Software, Outcomes


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