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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 6, Issue 7, 2010, Pages 50-56


N. R. Bayazitov, L. S. Godlevsky


Odessa State Medical University, Ukraine

Article title

Laparoscopic images informative characteristics in the course of minilaparoscopic diagnostics

Abstract (resume)

The informative characteristics of images gained during minilaparosopic (2, 0 mm) and traditional laparoscopic (5, 0 and 10, 0 mm) diagnostic procedures have been investigated. It was shown that relative number of false-positive diagnoses was smaller when compared with the same index in patients investigated with traditional laparoscopy (correspondently 6, 6 and 10, 2%). The net dependence between correct mininvasive diagnostics, namely, between number of false positive and false negative diagnoses and frequency-discriminative, contrast characteristics of images, their colour and distortion have been established. The significance of the scheme of laparoscopic instrumentation insertion, which permits different degree of peripheral part of image exploration, for correct diagnostics has been discovered as well.


informativity of medical image, laparoscopic image, minilaparoscopic image, optical frequency-discriminative characteristics, false-positive and false-negative diagnoses


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