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Inventory reference ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 13, Issue 14, 2018, Pages 0–00

Author(s) G. Raimondi1, N. Marchitto2, B. Scordamaglia1, A. Ciaramella1, P. Casacci3, M. Pistoia3, S. Sacco1, G. Sancesario4

Institution(s) 1University of Roma "Sapienza", 2ASL Latina, 3Liferesult, 4University "Tor Vergata" Roma

Article title New device for teleassistance in elderly with dementia. Cardiorespiratory and motor assessment evaluated by means remote control.

Abstract (resume)

The aim of this study has been to evaluate the ability to monitor the daily autonomic assessment in patients with dementia by means the HRV analysis of ECG signal recorded with a new device: the "Pulse". Our objective in this study was to describe a new device for the home, cardiovascular and motor control of the patients with dementia. The "Pulse" is a wearable electronic device that is worn on the chest for the acquisition, recording and transmission of physiological parameters to external devices.

Keywords Telemedicine, HRV, Alzheimer


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