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ISSN 1812-7231 Klin.inform.telemed. Volume 14, Issue 15, 2019, Pages 88-105


V. N. Sokolov1, E. S. Sitnikova2, G. M. Rozhkovskaya1, V. M. Tsvigovsky1, T. K. Dorofeeva1, L. V. Anischenko1, A. A. Korsun1, E. M. Doykova1, A. V. Mudrova2, O. S. Arbatskaya1, D. V. Sokolov1


1Odesa National Medical University, Ukraine

2Regional Clinical Hospital, Odesa, Ukraine

Article title

The role of MSCT, MRI, DWI, PET/CT, 3D reconstruction and virtual endoscopy in identification of the pathology of the colon intestine

Abstract (resume)

Introduction. The work is devoted to the diagnosis of colorectal cancer, which today can be described without exaggeration as a global problem. The possible advantages of the combined methods of MSCT, DWI, PET/CT in the diagnosis of various localizations of colon cancer are presented.

Purpose of the study. To establish the role of MSCT, MRI, DWI, PET/CT, 3D reconstruction and virtual endoscopy in the detection of colon pathology, to determine treatment efficacy indicators and criteria for tumor recurrence.

Material and research methods. The capabilities of MSCT colonography, DWI, PET/CT and virtual colonography were compared. 645 patients were examined using these methods, including — 240 with cancer suspicion and 105 with polyps. Scanning results were evaluated using the Colon CT option. PET/CT was performed using 18F-labeled FDG (fluorodeoxyglucose).

Results. Virtual colonoscopy detected 90% of polyps with a diameter of 10 mm or more (with the same accuracy as colonoscopy). However, colonoscopy is not always indicated and can cause complications. The sensitivity of MSCT in the diagnosis of polyps, 6 mm in size, is 90%, during colonoscopy — 99%. With tumor sizes greater than 1 cm, the sensitivity of both methods reaches 100%.

Findings. MSCT colonoscopy is a highly informative method for detecting invasive colon cancer, demonstrating 100% sensitivity and specificity, and 76% for the diagnosis of colon polyps. The use of MSCT can increase the accuracy of preoperative detection of a colon tumor, clarify the stage of the disease, detect tumor recurrence and determine the effectiveness of radiation therapy. DWI-MRI is informative for detecting colon wall invasion or very small screenings in the peritoneum.


Signal intensity in the MSCT series, DWI, PET/CT, Assessment of the metabolic activity of glucose in tumor tissue


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