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Content and Abstracts vol.5 iss.6 2009



Satellite scientifically-practical Symposium RADI0L0GY'2009 MEDICAL INFORMATICS AND TELEMEDICINE May 21-22, 2009, Odesa, Ukraine. Report

Original Articles

Information technologies in clinical neurophysiology

Quantitative EEG /ECG/HRV/stabilography
Yu. Lyakh, 0. Gorshkov, V. Gurjanov, Yu. Vihovanets
Neurophysiology analysis of stabilogram by Hurst exponent
0. Yu. Mayorov, V. N. Fenchenko
Increase reliability of bioelectric activity (EEG, ECG and HRV) deterministic chaos researches by the nonlinear analysis methods

Information technologies in psychophysiology and professional selection
V. V. Kalnysh
Information models forformation process ofreliable operators' activity
M. L. Kochina, V. G. Kalimanov
The simulation of cornea's tenselyideformed catastasis using the system of engineering analysis ANSYS: results

Analysis of Images
0. V. Phylonin
Only a few projection optical3D — a micro tomography of cellular structures
A. M. Akhmetshin, L. G. Akhmetshina I. M. Matsuk
Interference sensitive complex method of radiological and microbiological images analysis
V. N. Sokolov, Z. M. Shavladze, N. V. Pilipuk, F. D. Yevchev, E. U. Mirza, Yu. V. Stasyuk
Application of virtual CT endoscopy of cancer larings

Company INCOM (Ukraine)
Construction of telemedical networks

Processing of volumetric medicalimages
Company Materialise (Belgium)
Mimics — the software for processing of volumetric medicalimages

Information technologies in clinical practice

Monitoring systems in clinic of internal medicine
G. V. Dzyak, Т. V. Kolesnyk, T. M. Bulana, K. U. Yegorov
Information technology of system of dynamic monitoring for diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases

Information technologies for a physiotherapy
0. 0. Shugurov
Program control of stimulators for the diagnostic and medicalpurposes

L. P. Dorokhova, I. V. Pestun, 0. Y. Rogulya
Imitating model of service of buyers in pharmaceutical establishments
Z. M. Mnushko, Yu. V. Popova, I. V. Timanyuk
Multi-layer artificial neural network in predicting the capacity of the pharmaceutical market
V. E. Dobrova, M. G. Starchenko, Т. V. Saienko
The use analysis of variance methods at clinical research phase l-st of the "Altabor"

Debatable club
V. Avramenko, G. Legejda
Experience using of audio-video images system in cardiosurgery
G. A. Slabkij, V. G. Ostachko, 0. B. Dinnik, A. S. Kovalenko
On a way of telemedical technologies development in Ukraine

Information technologies in medical education
A. A. Ryzhov
Knowledge representation model in the distant learning systems Part 1. The analysis of the meaning apparatus

Obituary: Daniel Carleton Gajdusek (1923-2008)

The Legislation

The Program of Candidate (PhD) examination on a specialty 14.03.11 — "Medical & Biological Informatics and Cybernetics" (Medicalsciences)
The Project The Rules of Telemedical Network of Ukraine

Scientific Societies of Medical Informatics

The Ukrainian Association for Computer Medicine (UACM)
International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)
IMIA Code of Ethics for Health Information Professionals
European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI)
The European Association of Healthcare IT Managers (HITM)


Valentin I. Grischenko — anniversary

Medical Informatics, Events, Conferences

Calendar of Conferences, Congresses on 2008-2010
MEDINFO 2010 13th International Congress ofthe International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA), Cape Town, South Africa

New books

New books on medical informatics, statistics and epidemiology, medicalimaging, diagnostics computer methods


Satellite scientifically-practical Symposium RADI0L0GY'2009 MEDICAL INFORMATICS AND TELEMEDICINE