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Content and Abstracts vol.7 iss.8 2011



Conference with the international participation "Medical & Biological Informatics and Cybernetics: Steps of the Development" 20–23 April, 2011, Kiev, Ukraine

Original Articles

Medical cybernetics. Modelling of physiological functions

Modelling of heart work

Modelling of self-regulation mechanisms
A. V. Martynenko, M. Martynenko
Mathematical approach to information and knowledge
I. Khayimzon, E. Bondarchuck
The electrophysiological model of the heart (virtual heart)
Yu. Lyakh, O. Gorshkov, V. Gurjanov, Yu. Vihovanets
Human vertical posture mechanisms modelin

Information technologies in experimental physiology
O. Yu. Mayorov
Evaluation of individual typological features of behaviour and resistance of intact white male rats on the basis of the factor model of the normal ethological spectrum of parameters in the open-field test

Information technologies in psychophysiology
А. К. Osnitskiy, S. Yu. Tarasova
Prenozological control of psychophysiological desadaptation of young scholars


New telemedical technologies
K. Storogenko
The world of medicine without borders. Technologies Cisco in area of "intellectual" public health services

Telemedical monitoring
O. I. Orlov, R. M. Baevsky, V. I. Pougatchev, A. P. Berseneva,
A. R. Baevsky, A. G. Сhenikova, T. A. Zenchenko

Telemedical aspects in assessing the risk of desease in healthy people. Preliminary results of longitude medical environmental investigations

Information technologies in functional diagnostics

Computer cardiography
A. M. Akhmetshyn, K. A. Akhmetshyn
Information possibilities of ECG analysis and mapping at singular value decomposition basis of embedded vectors
A. Frolov, A. Mrochek, A. Voitovich, M. Voitikova,
T. Voikhanskaya, O. Melnikova, A. Vorobiev

IAnalysis of atrial electrical activity for atrial fibrillation diagnostics

Analysis of Images

Information technologies for analysis of images in clinic
N. I. Zabolotna, S. V. Pavlov, B. P. Olijnychenko
Phase Mueller-matrix tomography system of polucrystalline networks of biological tissue
L. S. Terentyeva, V. N. Sokolov, S. G. Legesa,L. V. Anishchenko, Y. V. Stasyuk, V. D. Sokolova
Beam diagnostics tumors and psevdotumors diseases orbits

Information technologies in clinic

Distance radiotheraphy
V. P. Starenkij, L. A. Averjanova, L. L. Vasiljev, U. A. Orlova
The analysis of informational and technical features of up-to-date teleradiotherapy treatment planning systems

A. Yu. Poghosyan
Densitometric and radiovisiographic motivation of the using the beeswax as membrane for guided tissue regeneration in experiment
N. Ya. Golovenko, V. E. Kuz'min, A. G. Artemenko,
M. A. Kulinsky, P. G. Polishchuk, I. Yu. Borisyuk

Prediction of bioavailability of drugs by the method of classification models
L. A. Perekhoda, V. A. Georgiyants
Definition of correlation "structure–anticonvulsant activity" of the derivatives of 1-aryl-4-R-5-methyl(amino)-1,2,3-tryazol(1Н)

Information technologies in to medical genetics
M. Ya. Eingorin
Matrixes and symmetry in structures grammars and genes

Standardization of information medical technologies
T. V. Zarubina, S. L. Shvyrev
Russian HL7 Affiliate: first steps, issues and perspective
O. Kovalenko, G. Pezentsali, K. Tsarenko
Problems of standardization in the field of medical information technologies

Scientific Societies of Medical Informatics

The Ukrainian Association for Computer Medicine (UACM)
International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)
European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI)
The European Association of Healthcare IT Managers (HITM)


Nicolaj M. Korenev Anniversary
Oleg Yu. Mayorov Anniversary

Medical Informatics: Events, Conferences

24th European Medical Informatics Conference — MIE2012 26–29 August, 2012, Pisa, Italia
14th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics — Medinfo 2013 20–23 August, 2013,Copenhagen, Denmark
Calendar of events

New books

New books on medical informatics, statistics and epidemiology, medical imaging, computer diagnostics methods

The Legislation

K. P. Vorobyov
Recommendation about results representating of clinical researches in dissertations The article is open to discussion and journal publications. A part 2. The project of references