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Content and Abstracts vol.1 iss.1 2004

CONTENTS (in russian)


Greetings of the President of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
Greeting of Minister of Health Care of Ukraine
Greeting of Editor-in-Chief of the Journal
Viktor M. Ponomarenko, Oleg Yu. Mayorov
To the Concept of state policy of informatization of Health Care of Ukraine
The Concept of state policy of informatization of Health Care of Ukraine

Original articles

Oleg Yu. Mayorov, Leonid B. Belov, Sergei A. Negensky
Health information systems (Hospital information systems) — appreciate the mode or necessity (technical and economical basis of introduction the program complex (PC) "C"Hospital ®")
J. Schlund
New technologies in telecardiology
InterSystems Corporation
Database management system (DBMS) Cache - the world standard of basic software for medical systems
Vladimir A. Lischuk
Informatization of clinical medicine.
Role of Information technologies in intellectualization of public healthcare.
А. S. Kovalenko, V. I. Buryak
Standardization of information systems of health services with allowance for of all-European integration
E.A.Palamarchuk, K.P.Vorobyov
Verification account mechanism of heart rate variability spectral characteristics processing in diagnostic systems with the help of harmonic signals program measurement
V.P. Marceniuk, N.O. Kravetz
About the software environment of intellectual databases designing
Roman M. Baevsky
The analysis of heart rate variability at usage of various ECG systems (Methodical guidelines, part1)
Georgy G. Ivanov
Methods ECG of high-resolution and heart rate variability in diagnostics of electrical instability of a myocardium for patients with an acute coronary syndrome.
Viktor N. Sokolov
New technologies of obtaining of the map of malignant tumours with usage of mathematical algorithms.
T.N. Popovskaya, L.G. Raskin, О.V. Seraya
Information technology of diagnostic — medical expert systems
Mihail D. Kats, Oleg Yu. Mayorov
Usage of an artificial intelligence for development methods of differential diagnostics inside groups of difficultly distinct diseases
M.Yu. Antomonov
Mathematical and informatical aspects of the analysis of environmental health information
Larisa N. Timchenko
Usage of information resources the Internet for realization pharmacoecological the analysis
Boris A. Kobrinsky
Telemedicine and telepublic health services in Russia: experience of practical activities and perspective
Gottfried T.W. Dietzel
The G8 Global Healthcare Applications Project as Starting Point for Global Cooperation in eHealth
Ingegard Malmros
IT and Telecom - Communication Tools
H.V. Visotskaja, A.I. Dovnar, A.P. Porvan
The minimization of prescription space of vegetative pharmaceuticals
S.A. Mitryaev
Features of software licensing Microsoft® for Education and medical institutions

The legislation

Law of Ukraine. About electronic documents and electronic document circulation
Law of Ukraine. About electronic digital signature


Roman Markovich Baevsky 75th Anniversary
Daniel Carlton Haidushek 80th Anniversary
Nikolai Ivanovich Khvisyuk 70th Anniversary

Medical Informatics, Events, Conferences

International Association Medical Informatics (IMIA)
Ukrainian Association For Computer Medicine (UACM)
The unique reward of professor Bernard Richards
IMIA Medinfo 2004 (San Francisco, USA)
MIE Special Topic Conference 2004 (Munich, Germany, 14-15 June 2004)
Calendar of events on 2004