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Content and Abstracts vol.8 iss.9 2012



International Сonference Informatization of Healthcare in Ukraine: Prospects of development 17–18 October 2012, Kyiv, Ukraine

Original Articles


Registers creation
B. A. Kobrinskiy (Russia)
Modern view on the problem of registers creation for diseases monitoring

Health information systems
А. А. Dukov (Russia)
KORUS Consulting solutions to creation of information system of medical institutions and informatization of the regional health care

Laboratory medical information systems
Laboratory medical information system TerraLab

Information technologies in clinical neurophysiology

New methods. Nonlinear EEG analysis
O. Yu. Mayorov, V. N. Fenchenko
Method of channels and jokers in the study of bioelectrical brain activity

Yu. E. Lyakh, Yu. G. Vykhovanets, V. I. Ostapenko, V. G. Gurjanov, A. N. Cherniak
Stabilometric criterions in prediction of functional condition of the person

Information technologies in functional diagnostics

New methods of ECG analysis
A. M. Akhmetshyn, K. A. Akhmetshyn
Representation and analysis of multidimensional medical data at orthogonal information bases
V. P. Marceniuk, R. V. Sarabun
The software environment for creating of an artificial ECG
V. I. Shulgin, Ali Jadooei, D. I. Shulga, K. V. Nasedkin, V. V. Fedotenko
Measurement of arterial blood pressure, on the basis of co-processing of physiological parameters set

The express analysis and functional state monitoring
E. A. Yumatov (Russia)
"Information medicine" — new microprocessor technologies for life and human health protection
Y. V. Antonova-Rafi, V. M. Antonov
Cyber acmeology express analysis tools and monitoring of biological objects which is based on the design of medical and biological information systems

Information technologies for control of cardio-vascular system

Control of circulation
L.  A. Bockeria, V. A. Lischouk, D. Sh. Gazizova, L. V. Sazykina, G. V. Shevchenko (Russia)
Technical and mathematical control of circulation — a condition and prospects

Information technologies in a cardiology clinic
G. V. Knyshov, A. V. Rudenko, E. A. Nastenko, А. V. Yakovenko, V. А. Pavlov, N. N. Rudenko, V. V. Shapovalova
Comparative analysis of effective application of information entropy and statistical methods for risk assessment of acute heart failure progression


A. I. Grigoriev, O. I. Orlov, R. M. Baevsky (Russia)
The role of academican V. V. Parin in development of space telemedical technologies

New telemedical technologies
L. S. Fainzilberg
Technology of telemedicine system based on generative model of artificial ECG's realistic forms

Telemedical monitoring
R. M. Baevsky, I. I. Funtova (Russia), J. Tank (Germany)
The use of seismo- and ballistocardiography in russian aviation and spacemedicine. A short historical review

Information technologies in psychophysiology
V. V. Kalnysh, А. V. Shvets
Characteristic of operators' working reliability using the structural linguistics methods

Information technologies for analysis of images in clinic
V. N. Sokolov, L. V. Anishchenko
A role of radial diagnostics methods in the exposure of the vascular dementia

Information technologies in of epidemiоlogy
D. I. Chumachenko, T. O. Chumachenko, Yu. K. Chernyshev, A. V. Tovstik
Information technology of epidemic process simulation system

Information technologies in medical education
A. A. Ryzhov, A. N. Popov
Model of knowledge in remote leaning systems. Part III. Cognitive prototype – natural pattern of structuring and presentation of declarative knowledge
Yu. V. Voronrnko , M. N. Dolzhenko, Yu. P. Vdovichenko, O. M. Verner, N. V. Kharchenko
The experience of distance learning on-line: training on the web-portal and social netwrks Facebook and Twitter
L. Ya. Kovalchuk, V. P. Martsenyuk, P. R. Selsky
The substantiation of using information technologies for family medicine training and improvement the medical care quality at the primary level

The Legislation

On approval of the Electronic Register of Patients
Regulation "On the Electronic Registry of Patients"

Scientific Societies of Medical Informatics

The Ukrainian Association for Computer Medicine (UACM) — anniversary. 20 years

New books

New books on medical informatics, medical imaging, computer diagnostics methods


Anatoly Grigoryev — anniversary
Yuriy Zozulya — anniversary
Victor Sokolov — anniversary

Medical Informatics: Events, Conferences

MEDINFO 2013 The 14th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics 20–23 august 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark
EFMI STC 2013 Special topic conference (STC) "Data and Knowledge for Medical Decision Support" April 17th–19th 2013, Prague, Czech Republic

Conference Proceedings

International Conference "Informatization of Healthcare in Ukraine: Prospects of development" 17–18 October 2012, Kyiv, Ukraine