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Content and Abstracts vol.14 iss.15 2019

Original Articles

IT in clinical neurophysiology
I. V. Redka
Modern approaches to detecting and removing artifacts from EEG signals. Overview

IT in psychiatry
O. Yu. Mayorov, E. A. Mikhailova, O. Ya. Mikhalchuk, M. L. Kochina, I. V. Redka, A. B. Prognimak, T. N. Matkovskaya, D. A. Mitelev
Criteria ("markers") of depression in teenagers based on the estimation of the state of neurodynamics by methods of nonlinear analysis of EEG and correlation with the CDRS-R scale

IT in cardiology
G. Raimondi, A. Martynenko, N. Marchitto, S. Ostropolets
Artificial intelligence for heart rate variability analyzing with arrhythmias
M. G. Boreiko
Development of advanced method for heart ventricular fibrillation detection
A. V. Lyashenko, L. H. Voronkov, P. N. Babych. A. V. Lyashenko
Prediction of a combined critical event in patients with chronic heart failure and reduced left ventricular ejection fraction for long observation.
A. Martynenko, G. Raimondi, N. Budreiko
Robust entropy estimator for heart rate variability

Discussion Club. IT in functional diagnostics

IT to control the cardiovascular system
Yu. Bataeva, V. Kirichenko, T. Kulbashevskaya, V. Sergeev
Evaluation of endothelial function, taking into account the position of the endothelial regulation "operating point"

IT in radiology
V. N. Sokolov, E. S. Sitnikova, G. M. Rozhkovskaya, V. M. Tsvigovsky, T. K. Dorofeeva, L. V. Anischenko, A. A. Korsun , E. M. Doykova, A. V. Mudrova, O. S. Arbatskaya, D. V. Sokolov
The role of MSCT, MRI, DWI, PET/CT, 3D reconstruction and virtual endoscopy in identification of the pathology of the colon intestine

IT in pulmonology, Telemedicine
V. T. Grinchenko, N. S. Gorodetskaya, A. A. Makarenkova, S. V. Makyan, I. V. Strarovoit
Remote auscultation system

IT in psychophysiology
V. V. Kalnysh
Information aspects of professional longevity

IT for traffic safety and driver health
O. A. Panchenko, A. V. Kabantseva, V. G. Antonov, I. O. Serdyuk
Information support of traffic safety

IT in psychophysiology, in sports medicine
M. L. Kochina, A. A. Chernozub, O. V. Kochin, R. G. Adamovich, I. K. Stefiuk, O. G. Firsov
Approaches to predicting changes in the functional state of athletes specializing in hand-to-hand combat using fuzzy logic

IT in psychopharmacology
N. V. Bondarev
Exploration and neural network medical data analysis of patients consuming benzodiazepines