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Content and Abstracts vol.6 iss.7 2010



First All-Ukrainian Congress "Medical and biological informatics and cybernetics" with international participation.

Original Articles

Information technologies in clinical neurophysiology
O.Yu. Mayorov, V.N. Fenchenko
Application of the local index of fractality for the analysis of the short R-R intervals series researching of heart rate variability
T. Mironova, E. Davidova, T. Sokolova
Heart Rate Variability at the Occupational Diseases
A.L. Kulik, O.K. Zaderykhin, V.I. Shulgin, A.V. Martynenko, N.I. Yabluchansky
Fluctuations in time-domain of heart rate variability spectral indices in healthy volunteers

Information technologies in functional diagnostics
L.S. Fainzilberg
FASEGRAF® — effective information technology of ECG processing for screening of coronary artery disease
V.T. Grinchenko, A.P. Makarenkov, A.A. Makarenkova
Computer auscultations is a new method of objectification descriptions of respirationsounds

Analysis of Images
A.M. Akhmetshin, L.G. Akhmetshina
Fuzzy segmentation of low contrast radiological images
A.Yu. Gladyrieva, N.N. Budnyk, A.S. Kovalenko
Researching of influence compression degree and chromaticity on medical ultrasonic images quality
N.R. Bayazitov, L.S. Godlevsky
Laparoscopic images informative characteristics in the course of minilaparoscopic diagnostics
V.N. Sokolov, E.S. Sitnikova, I.P. Olievskaja, N.P. Gadjuchenko, L.V. Anishenko, U.V. Stasyuk
Methods of radial diagnostics of pancreas diseases
S.M. Alkhimova, V.P. Yatsenko
Moments method for measuring perfusion parameters (review)

O.I. Orlov, R.M. Baevsky, A.P. Berseneva, E.Y. Bersenev, A.G. Chernikova, I.N. Slepchenkova
Telemedical ecology as new scientific and practical direction
K. Rymarenko, D. Dobryanskyy
Telemedicine implementation in Ukrainian health care institutions: experience of Ukraine-Swiss Mother and Child Health Programme

The article is open to discussion
P.Ye. Grigoryev, G.V. Kilessa, N.I. Khorseva, V.V. Khramov, A.V. Olenchuk, E.E. Asanov
Information diagnostic system for determining a dependence of human state from influence of cosmophysical factors

Medical cybernetics. Modelling of functional systems
V.A. Lischuk
The organization of physiological systems providing integrity of the organism

Information-field technology
E.A. Yumatov
Information-field effects of registration of the subjective state of the person's brain

Information technologies in psychophysiology and professional selection
V.V. Kalnysh
Contents-modelling of the process of man and technique co-evolution
M.L. Kochina, A.G. Firsov
Hardware-software complex for psyсhophysological researches

K.O. Zupanets
Computer modelling of glucosamine hydrochloridum, N-acetylglucosamine and quercetine interaction in case of its combined composition use
І.V. Pestun, І.V. Bondareva, Z.N. Мnushko, М.N. Nessonova
Method of prognostication of level of development of pharmacy enterprises by estimation of factors of microenvironment

Information technologies in medical education
A.A. Ryzhov
Model of knowledge in the distant learning systems. Part II. Comparative analysis of knowledge transfer process in studies systems on the basis of IDEF0 technologies

Obituary: Platon G. Kostyuk (20.08.1924–10.05.2010)

The Legislation

Law of Ukraine About protection of the personal data.
Regulations on distance studies in establishments of postgraduate education. Project

Debatable club
K.P. Vorobyov
To recommendation on presentation of results of clinical researches in dissertations and journal publications Part 1. Substantive provisions


Yurij I. Gubsky — anniversary
Ozar P. Mincer — anniversary

Medical Informatics, Events, Conferences

Conference "Medical and biological informatics and Cybernetics: steps of the development" with the international participation. April 20–23, 2011. Kiev, Ukraine
XXIII International Congress of the European Federation for Medical Informatics. August 28–31, 2011. Oslo, Norway

New books

New books on medical informatics, statistics and epidemiology, medical imaging, computer diagnostics methods