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Content and Abstracts vol.9 iss.10 2013



Information on International Conference "Information Technologies in Cardiology" 11–12 April, 2013, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Original Articles


Health information systems
B. Ledoshchuk, M. Ledoshchuk
The concept of creation and development of information systems at the National Research Center for Radiation Medicine NAMS of Ukraine for the period from 2012 to 2020

IT in cardioligy

Experimental cardiology
O. Mayorov
Quantitative assessment of stress and ischemic myocardial damages in normal conditions and during experimental stress: factor model

Clinical cardiology
New methods of ECG analysis
G. G. Ivanov, R. M. Baevskiy, Ghazi Halabi, E. J. Bersenev, V. B. Rusanov
Minute, circadian and seasonal fluctuations of microalternations of an electrocardiogram-signal according to dispersive mapping
L. S. Fainzilberg, E. N. Minina
Study of the diagnostic value of the orientation angle of the phase portrait of the one-lead ECG as an indicator of the functional state of the myocardium
A. M. Akhmetshyn, K. A. Akhmetshyn
Phase portrait synthesis of multichannel ECG as brightness images at information bases of singular vectors

IT in functional diagnostics
I. A. Chaikovsky
The analysis of the electrocardiogram in one, six and twelve leads in terms of information value: a electrocardiographic cascade

The express analysis and functional state monitoring
I. I. Funtova, E. S. Luchitskaya I. N. Slepchenkova, A. G. Chernikova, R. M. Baevsky
The research of functional conditions in humans during night sleep during prolonged exposure to microgravity. Space experiment "Sonocard"

Heart Rate Variability
G. B. Shiroky, A. V. Ilyahinsky, V. M. Levanov, I. S. Mukhina
Dirichlet distribution as a state model of adaptive regulatory systems of the human body in the analysis of heart rate variability

Control of circulation
R. M. Baevsky, I. I. Funtova E. S. Luchitskaya, A. G. Chernikova
Studying of long weightlessness influence on autonomic regulation of blood circulation at crew members of the international space station. Space experiment "Pneumocard"

Prediction in the clinic

A. O. Matviychuk, E. A. Nastenko, E. O. Lebedeva, O. G. Kyselova
Prediction of risk factors for coronary sclerosis
V. V. Bokatueva
Evaluation structure of interrelation of clinical indexes of cardioembolic stroke patients with favourable and fatal outcome
M. N. Nessonova, M. L. Kochina
Applying results of the information technology for grade of severity estimation and clinical outcome prediction in a case of pancreas trauma
N. S. Rogozynska, L. M. Kozak
The integrated indicators for analysis of cause-specific mortality
S. Solovyov
Development and analysis of dynamic model of morbidity of rotavirus infection and evaluation of possible consequences of its specific prevention in Ukraine

IT in psychophysiology

V. Kalnysh, A. Shvets
Peculiarities of operator's activity quality estimation using reliability's profile

IT in neurology

О. А. Ivantsova
Peculiarities of neurodynamic and structural changes of the cerebrum caused by cognitive impairments of the patients with consequences of the traumatic brain injury

IT in ophthalmology

M. L. Kochina, A. V. Yavorsky, S. N. Lad, А. S. Yevtushenko
Age features of functional organization of reception and the primary processing of visual information

IT in the medical bibliography

D. V. Lande, I. V. Gorbov, I. V. Balagura
Characteristics in co-author network of medical sciences


YuriyL. Volianskiy (1940–2013)
Pavlo M. Siverskij (1940–2013)

The Legislation

The Concept of Public Health Informatization in Ukraine for 2013–2018 years

Scientific Societies of Medical Informatics

The Ukrainian Association for Computer Medicine (UACM)


On the 100th anniversary of Nikolai M. Amosov
Roman M. Baevsky — anniversary
Evgenij A. Umatov — anniversary

Conference Proceedings

International Conference "Information Technologies in Cardiology" 11–12 April 2013, Kharkiv, Ukraine