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Content and Abstracts vol.10 iss.11 2014



Information. Scientific and practical Conference with international participation "Information Technology in Neurology, Psychiatry, Epileptology and Medical statistics" 17–18 October, 2013, Kiev, Ukraine

Original Articles

IT in clinical neurophysiology

qEEG, HRV. Deterministic chaos Cluster computing
O. Yu. Mayorov, V. N. Fenchenko
Calculation of the correlation dimension and entropy of EEG signals in cluster computing systems

IT in psychophysiology

K. G. Mazhirina, M. V. Rezakova, M. A. Pokrovskiy, A. A. Savelov, M. B. Shtark
Central self-regulation mechanisms: fMRI study

IT in cardiology

Clinical cardiology New methods of ECG analysi
A. V. Frolov, T. G .Vaikhanskaya, M. A. Martsenyuk
Cardiovascular risk events in perspective catastrophe theory
S. A. Belal, A. V. Martynenko, M. I. Yabluchansky
Heart rate entropy for rhythmic breathing tests
Grid-systems in cardiology
G. Knyshov, A. Kovalenko, E. Nastenko, S. Siromakha, А. Demin, S. Svistunov, A. Pezentsali, A. Yakovenko, O. Romanuk
Establishment and implementation of Grid-system in medical diagnostic cardiac department

IT for monitoring physiological functions

Comprehensive analysis of physiological functions
E. A. Yumatov, S. S. Pertsov, E. N. Dudnik, L. V. Mezentseva
The conception of the information equipment for systemic control of the sleep in daily conditions
O. P. Strakhova, A. A. Ryzhov
Statistical analysis the index of human functional state in ergatic system "human–computer"

IT in neurology

Heart Rate Variability
D. V. Vakulenko, L. O. Vakulenko
The results of the study of mechanisms differential massage on patients with neurological syndrome, degenerative disc disease of the cervical spinewith a digital analyzer biorhythms

IT in psychiatry

Predictive modeling
O. I. Osokina, V. A. Abramov, G. G. Putyatin, S. G. Pyrkov, E. M. Vygovskaya, E. M. Denisov, O. N. Golodenko
Prediction the efficiency of existential-personal rehabilitation in patients with manifestation of schizophrenia

IT in oncology

Predictive modeling
O. P. Kolesnik, A. I. Shevchenko, Y. Е. Lyakh, V. G. Gurianov
The total scale for prognosis of survival patients with early stages of non-small cell lung cancer
S. B. Pavlov, N. M. Babenko, M. V. Kumechko
Using markers of atypical cells for evaluating adaptive capabilities

Medical Grid-systemsMedical Grid-systems
A. Kovalenko, A. Pezentsali, O. Romaniuk, E. Tsarenko
Using PACS for organization of image storages in healthcare facilities

IT in pharmacy

Mathematical planning
S. A. Kutsenko, О. V. Kutovaya, I. V. Kovalevskaya, O. A. Ruban
Application of mathematical planning of mathematical planning the selection for filling capsules "Venoton"

Medical statistics. Chaotic neural networks
K. A. Lyuhanova, I. V. Timanyuk, Z. M. Mnushko
Application of chaotic neural networks for clustering regions of Ukraine in terms of providing antithrombotic medicines

IT in education

O. P. Pakholchuk
Methodical features of information and communication technologies use in medical student knowledge formation


In memory of Alexander M. Ahmetshin
In memory of Mark D. Katz
In memory of Igor I. Haimzon

The Legislation

World Medical Association (WMA) Declaration of Helsinki — Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects (Editorial 2013)

Scientific Societies of Medical Informatics

The Ukrainian Association for Computer Medicine (UACM)


25th European Medical Informatics Conference August 31–September 3, 2014, Istanbul, Turkey


New books on medical informatics, medical imaging, computer diagnostics methods

Conference Proceedings

Scientific and practical Conference with international participation "Information Technology in Neurology, Psychiatry, Epileptology and Medical statistics" 17–18 October, 2013, Kiev, Ukraine
Institute of Medical Informatics and Telemedicine