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Content and Abstracts vol.11 iss.12 2015


Original Articles

IT in Healthcare management

Recording and monitoring of innovation activities
A. E. Gorban
Rationale for the establishment and development conceptual principles of automated information system of registration and monitoring of innovation in the sphere of health care of Ukraine

Information support of manager
G. O. Slabkiy, М. А. Znamenska
Informational technologies in the system of communications in health service
E. M. Kryvenko
Information component of health care heads activity of different levels

IT in Molecular biology

Polymerase chain reaction, Pontryagin's maximum principle
V. P. Martsenyuk, A. S. Sverstyuk, O. M. Kuchvara
Exercise of optimal control of annealing stage оf polymerase chain reaction

IT in Experimental neurophysiology

Factor model, Emotional stress
O. Yu. Mayorov
Quantitative assessment of the "neuroendocrine axes" and immune system in the setting of the experimental emotional stress: factor mode

Hodgkin–Huxley model, multivariate method
V. P. Marceniuk, Z. V. Mayhruk
Algorithms qualitative analysis Hodgkin–Huxley model axon activity

IT in Cardiology

Dynamic postural effects, HRV analysis
T. V. Sergeev, N. B. Suvorov, P. I. Tolkachov, A. V. Belov
Influence of complex postural loadings on human heart rate

The statistical classification methods, predicting the effectiveness of treatment
M. S. Abramovich, Е. S. Atroschenko
On prediction of chronic heart failure therapy effectiveness

IT for the monitoring of physiological functions

Prolonged and continuous monitoring of blood pressure
O. Antonchyk, A. Jadooei, V. Shulgin
Algorithm of cuffless blood pressure estimation based on maximum likelihood method

IT in Surgery

Monitoring for diagnostics in surgery
N. N. Veligotsky, A. V. Gorbulich, N. N. Skaliy, S. A. Pavlichenko
Using a system of the bile ducts pressure monitoring for the diagnosis of biliary obstruction

Medical information systems in surger
I. D. Duzhyi, V. V. Gorokh, O. V. Trubilko, S. V. Kharchenko
Software for medical information system for audit and analysis of patients with gastrointestinal bleedings

IT for Image analysis

Biological activity of water,
Kirlian effect

L. A. Pisotska, N. V. Glukhova
Study of external factors on biological activity of water

IT in Physiotherapy

D. V. Vakulenko
Mathematical modeling of complex massage treatments on patient and masseur

IT in Therapy

T. V. Kolesnik
Latest information technology operational analysis and modeling as a tool improve diagnosis of arterial hypertension chronobiological features

Debating club

Mathematical models of health
V. A. Lishchuk
The industry and culture of health — from informatization systems to the intellectual technologies

Difficult diagnosis, clinical informatics
I. Chaikovsky
Difficult diagnostic problem from the clinical Informatics point of view


Department of Clinical Informatics and IT in Healthcare Management of Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education — 20th anniversary
Department of Pharmaceutical Informatics of the National University of Pharmacy — 10th anniversary
Mikhailo V. Golubchikov — anniversary
Volodymyr І. Kabachny — anniversary
Boris A. Kobrinskiy — anniversary
Ozar P. Mіntser — anniversary

The Legislation

THE LAW OF UKRAINE "On the Fundamentals of Information Society Development in Ukraine for 2007–2015" from 09.01.2007 № 537-V
THE LAW OF UKRAINE "On Personal Data Protection" from June 1, 2010 № 2297-VI (as amended)

Scientific Societies of Medical Informatics

The Ukrainian Association for Computer Medicine (UACM)
The International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)
The European Federation for Medical Informatics Association (EFMI)

Events, Conferences

MEDINFO 2015: eHEALTH — enabled HEALTH 19–23 August 2015, Sao Paulo — SP, Brazil
2nd Congress "Medical and biological informatics and cybernetics" with international participation 24–25 June 2015, Kyiv, Ukraine

New books

New books on medical informatics, medical imaging, computer diagnostics methods, medical statistics
Institute of Medical Informatics and Telemedicine